Film information

Directed by

Chris Wedge

Produced by

Lori Forte
Guillermo del Toro
Glen Keane
Jerry Davis
John C. Donkin
William Joyce

Music by

Fernando Velázquez


Renato Falcão

Editing by

Andy Keir

Anubis is an upcoming film that will released by Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox on March 23, 2018 but the release date was removed from its schedule.






  • The film schedule was to be released on July 15, 2016, but was moved up to March 23, 2018 due to the change in the release date for Ice Age: Collision Course, delayed a week to avoid premiering at the same time as Ghostbusters from Columbia Pictures.
  • This is Blue Sky Studios' fourth film not to be scored by John Powell, as the film is planned to be scored by Fernando Velázquez; the first three being 2002's original Ice Age film, 2013's Epic and 2015's The Peanuts Movie.
  • This is the 4th Blue Sky Studios film to be directed by Chris Wedge.

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