Bunny is the first short film released by Blue Sky Studios. It was released in 1998, 4 years before the release of the [[Ice Age|first Ice Age
Blue sky studios Bunny

Blue sky studios Bunny

movie]]. It is featured on the Ice Age DVD released in 2002. The website offers the following synopsis:

"Baking alone in her kitchen, tattered old Bunny receives a troublesome late-night visitor from the deepest woods -- or deeper. A hairy moth, as battered as Bunny, seems to be stalking her. Her attempts to remove it only make the moth more insistent. What is it about this nocturnal pest that stirs her deepest fears and memories? To find out, she must go through an emotional metamorphosis that sheds a whole new light on this quirky but heart-warming tale."[1]

The short won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short film.


Trivia Edit

  • this was the first short film to use blue sky studios shield logo.