JoJo was the oldest of The Mayor's 97 children. He is not big on talking, for the reason of thinking that if he did, "he might let down his dad." When the mayor's 96 daughters were having breakfast, it was JoJo's turn to "talk" to his dad, but he said nothing. The Mayor followed JoJo to the hall of the ancesters of the McDodd family, he told him that being mayor was the best thing ever, and that he could be mayor to. His dad kept telling that he could any tipe of mayor, but JoJo didn't want to be mayor, he wanted to be something else, but he never told his dad. Sometimes JoJo would sneak off feeling lonely and sad, and go's up to the abonded star study tower Then soon Who-Ville was in grave danger, the Sour Kangaroo insisted that there were no people on the spec. The Mayor told every Who to make noise. Then the Mayor saw JoJo running to the abandended old obzervatorey. He opened up the place making all his creations make noise. When and the Mayor got back to his office Horton said the animals couldn't hear them. Everyone stoped hearing what he said. But JoJo grabbed the horn, running to top of the building, right before there world was destroyed JoJo took a deep breat and "Yopp" and the one more voice was heard by Rudy who grabbed the clover and gave to Horton. The Mayor cheered for Who-Ville, then JoJo said that his dad was "one of the greats". Then Who-Ville and The Jungle of Nool broke into song (I Can't Fight this Feeling Anymore). And JoJo sang it to.

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