Performer: Francesca Capaldi
Appeared in: The Peanuts Movie

Frieda is a major character of the Peanuts franchise.

About the CharacterEdit

Frieda is a lovable person who likes her "naturally curly hair" and often bullies Charlie Brown.


Frieda has curly hair which is pretty she ofen is seen with patty and violet and is the best friend of lucy and sally her fave colour is bright pink


Frieda has strawberry blonde hair and light skin and black eyes and has a different nose shape she wears a bright pink-violet dress with white trim and a white band with a ribbon and whote shoes and pink socks in the winter she wears dark pink and white coat


  • "Watch the curls!"
  • "Did you see that new truck around?"
  • "Ahh! My naturally curly hair!"
  • "Whoa! Look at that!"
  • "Charlie Brown?!"
  • "They say you were a genius! Can you read my mind?!"
  • "Charlie Brown, I need you on my chess team!"
  • "Charlie Brown!"