Gavin is a Dakotaraptor and the herd's anti-hero. In Ice Age 5 Collision Course (2016), he serves as the main villain of the film. He, his son Roger, and his daughter Gertie go to stop The Herd and Buck from saving the world.

In Movie Edit

In Ice Age: Collision Course he and his children Roger and Gertie go to hunt down the herd, so they won't save the animals which they want to eat dead. Roger however sides Buck and convinces Gavin to help, for his own sake. Gavin then reforms and supports Buck's intentions to fight the meteor shower and joins the herd.

Ice Age 6 (2019)Edit

Gavin will be set to appear again in Ice Age 6.

He will be voiced by Nick Offerman again.

He will be part of the herd.

Gallery Edit

Personality & TraitsEdit

Gavin is a brave and tough Dino-Bird that loved his children. However, his ruthlessness often keeps him from thinking clearly as he was more concerned on getting revenge on Buck than helping the herd stop the asteroid. With some convincing from his children, however, Gavin spares the weasel's life so they could save the planet.

Gavin has teal-blue scales with a gray underbelly and red feathers. He has greenish yellow eyes and a black beak, with scuffs and scratches at the tip.

Trivia Edit

Before Ice Age 5 Gavin, Gertie and Roger made a living as egg thieves.

Gavin, along with his family, were the first Ice Age villains to have a change of heart, no longer to be the antagonists.

Gavin, along with his kids, were the first dinosaurs to join the herd.


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