Gertie is a foxy and cool Dakotaraptor who is Gavin's daughter and one of the former antagonists in Ice Age: Collision Course. She later realizes that The Herd were right about the meteors, and she joins Buck to stop the meteors.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Gertie was strong, independent, and cool dino-bird who enjoys helping her family. Unlike her brother, Roger Gertie is ferocious, eager to get revenge on Buck for causing her family trouble; something her father praises her for. Like her father, she sees Roger as almost completely useless and constantly picks on him. Nevertheless, Gertie does see a certain degree of importance in her brother as his incredible eyesight comes in handy. Gertie has blue scales, a white underbelly and red feathers. She has orange eyes and a black beak. She is a very fat Dino-Bird who picks on her brother.