Goran Visnjic (born September 9th, 1972 in Sibenik, Croatia) is a Croatian-born American actor who voiced the saber-tooth tiger Soto in Ice Age.


Goran has been actively involved in American and European movements for the rights of animals. There are photographs of him, along with his dog Bugsy, in the first East European anti-fur campaign of PETA. Currently, he is a representative of the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Animal Friends Croatia, and also provides assistance to other small animal rescue organizations in California. He has supported many medical institutions in Croatia, by donating funds and equipment.[1]

His wife, Eva Visnjic, daughter of artist Antun Vrdoljak, is a painter and sculptor, same as her father. The couple has two adopted children, a son named Ting (born 2007) and daughter Vivienne Sophia (born in 2009), and one biological son, Vigo Leo (born in 2011). They live in Los Angeles, California and also have a summer house on the Croatian island of Hvar.

Awards Edit

  • In 1997, he won the Orlando Award.
  • In 2004, he received an award at the Pula Film Festival, for best role in the movie "Under hypnosis," and "Long Gloomy Night."
  • In 2011, Goran Visnjic received the Gotham Award.


  • Marvel Comics: In 2005, Goran took part in the movie "Elektra," which starred Mark Miller.
  • Visnjic is a trained paratrooper, a skill that he learned during the war in Yugoslavia.
  • His wife Ivana Vrdoljak officially changed her name to Eva Visnjic after she and her husband moved to the US.

References Edit



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