Granny pose
Performer: Wanda Sykes (movies)
Appeared in: Ice Age: Continental Drift
Ice Age: Collision Course
"I'll bury you all and dance on your graves!"
―Granny angrily at her family.

Gladys, known more commonly as Granny, is a wizened old ground sloth who was left behind by her family. She is the minor characters in Ice Age: Continental Drift and Ice Age: Collision Course.

Biography Edit

An elderly ground sloth, Granny was part of a small family of ground sloths that had grown tired of her and pushed her off on her grandson, Sid, which they also had left behind. Granny, at some point in her life, had taken on a pet whale she dubbed Precious, though none of her family believed the pet actually existed.

Left Behind Edit

"Has anyone seen Precious? It's her feeding time.

Mom, Granny's talking about her dead pet again."

―Granny asking her family about her pet, to Marshall's annoyance.

Granny's family headed out to find another relative named Sid, a sloth which the family had long since abandoned, and Granny was tied up on the family's means of conveyance: a hollowed-out log which was pushed downhill through the snow. During the slide downhill, the log hit a saber-tooth tiger named Diego, who was flung to the back, loosening Granny from the branch she was tied to so that she was tied to the saber-tooth's back. Through the slide downhill, the log nearly collided with a mammoth named Peaches, Diego stopping it by grabbing onto a nearby tree with his claws. Through this, Granny was still tied to Diego's back with the vines, though the saber clipped through them with his claws in a moment, loosening her, as he moved near Fungus, who was nearest, for colliding into him with the log.

As this happened, Granny wandered off and shouted that she found a "pumpkin ripe for picking", prodding at it with her cane, though it instead turned out to be a beaver. Sid's family at once came to him, stating that they had been looking for him so that he could see Granny once more, though the old sloth angrily called out that she'd bury them all and dance on their graves. Just then, Granny wandered off and found a piece of ice, which she used to burn Marshall's head as a magnifying glass before being stopped by Milton. Granny was then paired up with Sid by Milton so that he could show Granny his cave and let her nap. Through the walk, Sid explained his travels since he last saw his family, none of which Granny was interested in hearing.

Once Granny and Sid left, he family had hurried away on their log, leaving Sid and Granny behind. Within the moment, both Sid and Granny returned to find their family, as Granny had lost her dentures and was trying to eat an apple, which she asked Sid to chew on for her, to Sid's disgust. As Sid returned to the herd to ask where his family had gone, Granny wandered off into a hollowed-out tree stump by the ocean side cliffs and fell asleep.

At sea Edit

"I can't believe this. You slept through that storm?"

"Ah, I slept through the comet that killed the unicorns."

―Granny to Manny on her sleeping through a storm

As Granny slept on, the section of ice and land that the tree where she slept was planted on broke off from the rest of the cliffs, trapping Manny, Sid, and Diego along with it. The ice floe fell into the sea and was pushed out with the falling of a giant chunk of rock that fell towards it. Swept out with the current, the ice floe ended up miles from any land, and was taken through a storm and a waterspout, Granny asleep through all of it.

Once the storm had calmed, the ice floe was far out at sea, and Granny awoke. Irritably muttering that she wanted to remain undisturbed, Granny used her walking stick to poke Diego in the eye in annoyance at being woken up. After Manny had pulled her out of the tree, she had landed on Sid, with Manny in astonishment at her having slept through the whole storm, undisturbed. Dismissively, Granny claimed to have slept through the comet that wiped out the unicorns and, without paying mind to where she was walking, fell off the floe into the ocean.

Sid ran towards the edge in panic to help his grandma, but she brushed him off, relaxing in the ocean water at her "first bath in decades". Sid asked the others to do something and he was thrown in the drink after Granny, pulling her back to the floe, though Granny, irritated as ever, wacked Sid's head with her walking stick, angrily demanding that they look away as she dripped dry.

Pirates Edit

"Ooh, this is a lovely vacation, best I've ever had."
―Granny while held hostage aboard Gutt's ship.

Aboard the ice floe, the four mammals were stranded out at sea, with Granny periodically calling out to Precious, almost wandering off the ice floe and into the waters as she did. Granny and the others floated out at sea aboard the ice floe, they were taken captive by a group of pirates, led by their Captain Gutt, even though Granny didn't see the danger they were in. Because Manny had refused to join the pirate crew to sail the seas with them, Granny was in more danger, when she was forced to walk the ship's plank to her death, into the sea full of a group of Narwhals, to which she had referred to as "ugly goldfish". Luckily, Diego was able to free Manny from being tied up, which led to a battle between him and Gutt. Manny managed to destroy the ship with his strength, causing Granny to slide down the plank, only to be caught be Sid, who was repeatedly knocked on the head by her walking cane. As the ship sunk, the four mammals were safely able to float back up on a piece of ice. The group ended up saving one of the pirates, Shira, much to her dismay, and continued to float across seas.

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