Performer: Alexander Garfin full name alex garfim
Appeared in: The Peanuts Movie the specials and movies

Linus Van Pelt is the tritagonist in the Peanuts franchise, and the brother of Lucy Van Pelt. He loves his blue blanket and is Charlie Brown's best friend

Appearance: Linus has light skin and brown hair and black eyes her wears a red t-shirt with purple or black stripes

About the Character Edit

Linus is a main character and is the friend of Charlie Brown. He also has a lovable security blanket.

Quotes Edit

  • "My blanket!"
  • "Hey, Charlie Brown."
  • "Still no luck, huh?"
  • "Remember, it's the courage that continue that counts!"
  • "Listen, Charlie Brown. My sister, Lucy Van Pelt, says has enabled to make it this far in life."
  • "I just hope he'll have an open mind about The Great Pumpkin."
  • "It's my turn for show and tell today. This is the same plane flown by Manfred Von Richthofen."
  • "The Red Baron. The most famous aviator during the Great War."
  • "Ma'am. Will this test, accurately reflect the knowledge we gained here?"
  • "Is it fair? We at this young age..."
  • " Yes, Ma'm."
  • "Look at the bright side, Charlie Brown. They say there's no such thing a bad publicity."
  • "You know, Charlie Brown, if you like her so much, why not just walk up to her and introduce yourself?"
  • "Oh, no. Here she comes."
  • "Daydreaming will not make her materialized, Charlie Brown. She's not here."
  • "She'll be back Monday. I heard she went back to east to take care of her grandmother, who isn't feeling well."
  • "Time to pick our partners."
  • "Charlie Brown you're being ridiculous."
  • "Oh, I haven't seen you in a while."
  • "Oh, hi. In the light of the fact that you were away, Charlie Brown took it upon himself to complete the report for the both of you."
  • "And I must say, this is one of the finest bits of literary analysis I've ever read."
  • "Ok, everyone. Listen up. I know this is the last day of school."
  • "But, first, before we leave, we need to finish picking our partners for this year's summer Pen-Pal project."
  • "When I draw a name, stand if you want to be their partner."
  • "Here we go. The next name is, Pig-Pen.
  • "Schroeder."
  • "Charlie Brown."
  • "Charlie Brown, where have you been?"
  • "Charlie Brown, it might be the time to consider the wild possibility and that you're a good person and that people like you."