Nigel the Cocatoo (Rio 2)

Nigel is a psychopathic male sulfur-crested cockatoo and the main villain in Rio and the secondary villain in Rio 2. He is voiced by New Zealand voice actor Jemaine Clement.

Biography Edit

Nigel a long time ago was a popular TV star, but then, somebody more popular him kicked him out. This made Nigel an evil, cruel, wicked, and mean-spirited bird.

Personality Edit

Nigel is a sadistic bird, he loves to terrorize or hurt other birds. He is also violent and sadist, he is often seen using physical force to terrorize or injure other characters. He also threatens the Marmosets into doing his bidding/dirty work. Nigel is claimed by Tipa to be a cannibal when he eats chicken. He is also intelligent, vengeful, cunning, cruel, wicked, malevolent and greedy.


In Rio Nigel works for 3 bird thieves called Marcel, Armando and Tipa. Near the end of Rio Nigel is sucked into an airplane's wiring engine. In a credits scene Nigel had survived the attack but had lost his feathers and the ablilty of flight.

Rio 2Edit

In Rio 2 Nigel seeks revenge on Blu. During the end of Rio 2 Nigel is taken back to Rio.


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