Performer: Anastasia Bredikhina
Appeared in: The Peanuts Movie

Patty is the major character of the Peanuts franchise.

About the Character Edit

Patty is a lovable, characterized, and an cute girl. She is the friend of Lucy and Violet. She has a crush on Pig-Pen.


Patty has short blond hair and pale skin and black eyes she wears a mult coloured green dress with a dark green band around it with a ribbon green socks and black school shoes in the winter she wears a seagreen coat


  • "A kite? Today?"
  • "Ahh!"
  • "I think I saw the new kid."
  • "You know, I've always wanted to dance with Pig-Pen."
  • "Do I know you?"
  • "All right!"
  • "It's him!"
  • "No one in the world has gotten 100 before."
  • "Yeah, leave him alone!"
  • "Boy, do we feel stupid now?"
  • "Notice his use of space."
  • "He's going into the grown up section."
  • "Good ol' Charlie Brown."
  • "Look at that!"
  • "Lucky."
  • "I will! A little dirt never hurt anyone."
  • "Charlie Brown!"
  • "Is he okay?"
  • "Aww."

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