Performer: AJ Teece
Appeared in: The Peanuts Movie

Pig-Pen is the major character of the Peanuts franchise.

About the Character Edit

Pig-Pen is a dirty character and he never gets clean. He has a weirded out crush on Patty.


Pigpen is the dirtier kid he has a crush on his girlfriend patty and he never gets clean once again in his whole life he was shown with lucy in the movie


Pigpen has brown hair and orangish-brown skin he wears a a white t- shirt with brown overalls white socks and brown shoes in the winter he wears a grey coat black pants and brown shoes and has black eyes

Quotes Edit

  • "Sorry I'm late."
  • "What's taking him so long?"
  • "Do you have time to help me write my book report? It's due on Monday."
  • "You did it."

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