Some Villains from Blue Sky Studios give some last words before dying or rehabilitate or defeated or despair.

Ice Age Edit

"What are you DOING? (Diego: Leave the mammoth alone.) Fine. I'll take you down first."

Robots Edit

"What are you doing? Get off me. Let me go! Do as I say. Get off!"
"No! Just STOP!!!!!"

Ice Age: The Meltdown Edit

Horton Hears a Who! Edit

"OW! Right in the beak!"
―Vlad Vladikoff

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Edit

Rio Edit

"Oh Pity. Now we have two useless, flightless birds."
"Hey! Wait for us! Cannonball!"
―Tipa and Armando

Ice Age: Continental Drift Edit


Rio 2Edit

The Peanuts Movie Edit

Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade Edit

Ice Age: Collision Course Edit

Ferdinand Edit

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