Valiente is the secondary antagonist turned tritagonist in Ferdinand.

Physical Appearance Edit

Valiente is a large, well-built bull with dark brown fur. From his experience bull fighting, he has plenty of scars marring his body and even scratches on his broad span of horns. He has short locks of black fur on his head and a tan streak of fur from below his eyes that stretches along his snout, down to his dark brown muzzle.

After a brawl with Ferdinand, he looses his right horn.

Personality Edit

Valiente is arrogant and true to his name, brave. The reason to why he is fighting is because he wants fame. And he is also known as violent, argumentative, loquacious, ill-tempered, emotionless, negative, tough, egotistical, volatile, ambitious, loyal, impolite, envious, no-nonsense, testy and erudite.