Performer: Madisyn Shipman
Appeared in: The Peanuts Movie

Violet is the minor character of the Peanuts franchise.

About the Character Edit

Violet made her debut on February 7, 1951, making her the first major character to join the cast of the original four Peanuts characters (which consisted of Charlie Brown, Patty, Shermy, and Snoopy). She is best friends with Patty and they would often appear together as a duo. In the early strips, Violet was often potrayed as a preschool-aged Suzy Homemaker: making mud pies, playing "house," and imagining romantic scenarios involving her and Charlie Brown. On rare occasions, Violet was shown walking and keeping company with Shermy. She also collects stamps as a hobby and plays left field (and sometimes third base) on Charlie Brown's baseball team usually popping up in that capacity from time to time in later strips.

Quotes (From the Movie)Edit

  • "Ew!"
  • "In the middle of winter?"
  • "Who do you suppose it would be?"
  • "Ugh, yuck!"
  • "No boys! No boys! Please...Patty! Yes!"
  • "I didn't know that was even possible."
  • "Here he comes!"
  • "Hey, leave him alone!"
  • "Now, Charlie Brown. As far as the book report goes, what would you suggest?"
  • "A comic book? I thought classics had to have hard covers."
  • "Now there's the guy who's going places."
  • "Charlie Brown! You blockhead!"
  • "Aww."

Apearance Violet has black hair in a bun with a purple hair clip pale skin and black eyes she is the oldest and taller she wears a purple dress like tutu version a pink collar the buttons are coloured pink too she wears black mary jean shoes in the winter she wears a violet coat

Gallery Edit

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