Vlad Vladikoff is a Vulture, and is the one of the main characters in Horton Hears a Who.


Vlad is a black Vulture who molts all the time. He has sharp, yellow teeth and has bloodshot eyes with a bald head. In the Novel, he is an Eagle.

Role in the filmEdit

The sour kangaroo hires Vlad to to get rid of the clover and demands that he must do it for free. Mort informs Horton and Horton reveals he knows two Vlads: Vlad the Vulture, he calls bad Vlad. Or Vlad, a white rabbit who bakes cookies. Vlad attacks Horton and steals the clover. Horton chases Vlad up a mountain peak. Vlad goes one way around the peak, Horton goes the other. Horton chases Vlad down a canyon where, at the last second, Vlad lets go of the clover and flies off, laughing.

He is later seen telling the sour Kangaroo that he destroyed the clover but she finds out Horton found it and calls him an idiot.

He is later seen when Horton greets him and everyone gasps in fear but it is the bunny Vlad who makes the cookies.

He is last seen singing "I can't fight this feeling anymore" with all the other animals.

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